Martin O'Sullivan

BSc (Hons) | MBA | FIPTA 


Director and Principal Martin O’Sullivan is a registered Trans-Tasman (Australia and New Zealand) Patent and Trade Mark Attorney  who also holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Biotechnology and an MBA.

Martin is an experienced intellectual property (IP) practitioner and commercialisation consultant who has been working with entrepreneurs and organisations to help them harness the value of their IP since 1993. He has a passion for advancing innovative ventures and a commitment to maximising the return on investment in IP.

Martin brings a unique combination of technical/science, business management, intellectual property and commercialisation skills, as well as extensive industry networks, to the business. He has established and managed a number of IP services organisations focused on the strategic management, protection and commercialisation of IP assets, and assisting innovative organisations to realise the value of their intangible assets. Before starting O’Sullivans Patent and Trademark Attorneys in Perth, Western Australia in 2009, Martin was a partner in WA’s largest patent and trademark attorney firm. Prior to entering the attorney profession, Martin held a number of scientific research positions.

Martin has deep experience working with innovative private and public sector organisations and, in particular, the management teams of start-ups and established ventures to drive strategic IP initiatives and robust corporate governance. His specialties include patent and trade mark attorney services, management of technology-based opportunities (including start-ups), strategic IP management and valuations, market analysis, strategy formulation and business planning.

Martin has a focus on delivering strong value to clients by providing expertise and knowledge in commercialisation strategy as it relates to IP.

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